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Dustin educates you on what to do, how to do it, and why, ensuring that you're always improving and performing better. Through fun, yet challenging, strength and conditioning training sessions, you will achieve results in the quickest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way.

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Workout programs for women and men are customized specifically for YOU to achieve YOUR goals. Training with Dustin is a life-changing education on your body, fitness, and nutrition that creates lasting results.

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If you’re committed to burning fat, building muscle, and feeling great, it's time to reach out to Dustin and maximize your potential.

"Have the courage to challenge your body, and your mind too will be better for it."

Dustin Hassard




"Before working with Dustin, I had never appreciated how much strength training could improve my cycling and triathlon performance. Dustin’s individualized training sessions are focused and achieve results."

Steven J, Triathlete

"Just wanted to thank you so much for Friday. I was super nervous and not sure what to expect and you made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. You had me rest, which was great because at one point my hands were shaking, and brought water when I didn’t even realize I was actually thirsty and needed it. I could hardly walk on Saturday, but I stretched and went to the gym on Sun & Mon. Yesterday at our gym some lady who is recently pregnant confided in her “trainer” that she is pregnant and wanted to take special care as she had lost the last baby. Her trainer just nodded, smiled, and had her do a bunch of upper body stuff as well as some terribly formed dead lifts. All I could think was, I’m so glad Dustin took the time and didn’t blow me off like that trainer just did because if I was that other pregnant lady I would be even more freaked out about working out. So! Thank you for actually caring, I noticed and greatly appreciated it!"

Maggie S, Mother + Fitness Enthusiast

More Testimonials

"I trained with Dustin during a recent visit with my daughter, and he was terrific. He pushed smart but hard, with Dustin giving insightful pointers and reflective comments at every pause. Trained with some Navy SEAL friends the month before, and Dustin was just as good!"


"When I met Dustin at the gym, I hadn't worked out in years, many, many, many years. He sat down with me and discussed my goals and concerns and put my mind at ease that I could accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. When we began to workout together, he explained all the different moves we were doing so that I understood their benefits and how I could do them on my own. There were many times when I thought that I couldn't finish, but he pushed me to go on and I always did. Working with Dustin was the best gift I could have ever given to myself. He is a very talented trainer. He knows what he is doing and he is also one of the sweetest and friendliest people that I have every met. He is a great partner to have whether you are new to the workout scene or a regular. I highly recommend him."

Laren G

"I began training with Dustin Hassard about six months ago and at this moment I can easily say I am in the best shape of my life. I had no real concrete goals; I only wanted to improve athletically and look my best. I am very picky when I work closely with someone. Dustin not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I have improved in every area: I am stronger, faster and more agile. There are many exercises I never thought I could do; now they are my favorite things (example: pull-ups) and I do them with more confidence than I ever thought I would have. I look and feel fantastic. He is always willing to alter my program based on any unexpected circumstances and has been with me every step of the way as I tackle new challenges. He brings an infectious enthusiasm for fitness to every session. I refer him with zero hesitation."

Mel  A

"Trainer with a trainer? Naturally, I will be a lot more selective about who I train with since it’s what I do. I picked Dustin because of how he trained his female clients. I saw his programming and the shape of his clients and how he pushed them the way I wanted to be. For me, I like to lift heavy things and I like to train the same way whether I was a man or woman. Dustin expects a lot, pushes me to levels that I can do but may not try, and he has the most creative programming."

Tina T

"This journey called fitness was never part of my plan. When I started, I was told I’d never be an athlete, I couldn’t train 5 days and I needed to loose weight. I admit until I met Dustin Hassard I didn’t know what strength was, I had no faith in my training. Training with Dustin is beyond a physical experience, it is mental and emotional dedication, you dedicate yourself to his program because he dedicates his time, knowledge and love to your program. He cares about your goals, your limitations and apirations. For anyone who knows me I am a complicated individual and Mr. Hassard has torn me down to bare bones and built me into a beast. I’m a 5 foot tall 170 lb beast who throws around 80% of her body weight because someone finally believed in her and that was Dustin Hassard."


"Dustin is extremely knowledgable and supportive! His workouts are not only challenging but enjoyable. He's always open to help even outside of training sessions!"



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