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I take responsibility for your success. I maximize your potential to look, feel, and perform better. Workout programs are individually customized, specific to you and based on your goals. We will develop the skills and knowledge that will allow you to achieve results in the quickest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way. I educate you on what to do, how to do it, when and why, improving your overall health & fitness beyond our training sessions. Barbells are foundational in most of my client programs, allowing you to achieve the most change in the least amount of time. Other methods include nutrition coaching, Olympic lifts, bodyweight movements, conditioning, kettlebells, suspension training, and much more.

Why train with me?

  • Complimentary 1st Session + Assessment
  • Customized Programs for Each Individual
  • Highest-Quality Equipment + Facilities
  • Support Beyond Sessions
  • Extensive Knowledge of Exercise Science & Nutrition
  • Results

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“…Training with Dustin is beyond a physical experience…you dedicate yourself to his program because he dedicates his time, knowledge, and love to your program…”
Mary C

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Deadlift @200, Maggie

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Split Jerk Stability Prep L3

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